Colony families and individuals, over the years (to the best of my knowledge with help from more recent residents), who have lived and/or worked at the Swift. Some by choice, some under duress.

George & May Page, Alf & Tam Hope-Smith, Frank & Grace Ellis, Tom & Elsie King, Norm & Edith Stroud, Boyd & Jane Balkwell, Eli Shorty & Tzana Mincoff, Archie & Marg Preece, Julian (Chuck) & Elsbeth Yeatman (Daughters Jill and Joy and Son Malcolm), Maurice and Tilly MacMillan, Ada Price (teacher). Mary Denbiegh (teacher), Stewart Bell (teacher),,Garnet Leziere, John Lord, Glen Stewart, Miss Nichols (teacher), Vic Graham, Tom Carter, Garry Balkwell, Keith Smitham, Bill Grace, Bert and Emmy Forbes, Verdon Ellis, Ken & Jean Kuffe, Stan Shell, Bob Muir, Howard Eddington,

Mrs McCullough (teacher),Mrs. Bowen (teacher), Don Winget,Ed Roush,Charlie Seager, Mrs Kirkpatrick (teacher), Dave? Baker, Henry Baker, Max Richardson, Harbans Arora, Del MacNeal, Malcolm Yateman, Harold and Edith Lamb, Al Cole, Doug Flear, Ab Huffman, Art Flynn, Al and Edith Amsbury. Shorty Linskow, Ron Jackman, Freddie & Molly Bowers, Kelly & Mrs Forsythe, Bill and Lottie Ireland, Bert Doolittle, Cecil & Kate Garry, Vince Fountain, Bob Fosdick

Cornelius Hope-Smith, Ron Rogers, Al Cooper, Ethel Quirt (Teacher), Ian MacDonald, Gordon Yoe,John McLean,Keith fountain,Doug McLean, Mike Munroe, John Rockery, Bill & Mrs Potter, Richard (Dick) Kirkwood, Al Baron, William (Billy) Pauley, Russ Middleton, Bill and Dora Bell, Bill Ironside, Ron Cox, Bruce Wiley, Bruce Wiley Jr., Jeanette Wiley, Gregory Wiley, Victor MacPhee, Jason MacPHee, Andrew MacPhee, Ian MacPhee, Danny Watts, Courtney Watts

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