These are teachers who taught at Swift Rapids from day one when the colony was established. The colony replaced Ragged Rapids colony 2 miles up stream.

Credit and appreciation to Tillie MacMillan who sent the infomation to me.

In the note there is also a letter from OWLP (Orillia Water Light and Power) sec. treas. Hazel Secord saying the school would close June 30,1960.

The note with the teachers names says the OWLP signed a contract with Mr. Jarrick (owner of a lumber mill near Ragged Rapids) to transport his kids from Ragged Rapids back and forth to the new school at Swift Rapids when it opened in 1917. It says the teachers they can remember are:

Miss Margaret Esdaile, Toronto
Miss Winnifred Bennet, Orillia
Miss Dorothy Hicks, Orillia
Miss Ada Price, Orillia
Miss Bertha Bowen
Miss Mary Denbeigh, Toronto
Mrs Viola Kilpatrick,Burks Falls
Mrs Sarah McCullough, Orillia
Mrs Grace Timm, Orillia
Mrs Ethel Oakley, Matchedash
Mrs Ethel Nichols
Mrs Mary McArthur
Miss Mary Boyle, Orillia
Mrs Marie White, Gloucester Pool
Mr. Stewart Bell, Barrie
Miss Ethel Quirt, Orillia
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